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Phishing via ESPs: New Scam Targeting SMBs 

Kaspersky recently revealed a new phishing campaign targeting small and medium-sized businesses. The attackers use the email service provider SendGrid to access client...

Cyber Security

New Year, New Old Tricks: Phishing Scammers Lure Victims with Fake Giveaways

 “The most wonderful time of the year” is known for its generous sales, holiday cheer, and the notion of miracles around the corner....

Cyber Security

Kaspersky Predicts Scams and Phishing in the Philippines Will Continue to Grow in 2024

Experts at Kaspersky predict the cybersecurity threat landscape in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region this year will be driven by rapid digitalization and geopolitical frictions.  According...

Cyber Security

Kaspersky: 3 Signs You’re on a Hacked Website

Scammers want to steal your passwords and financial data with fake websites. But where do they host them, and how to spot a...

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Scammer Phishes But Don’t Take the Byte: A Closer Look at Phishing Campaigns by Kaspersky

Ah, phishing. It’s cybercriminals’ favorite fraud technique because it’s the easiest bait to reel in their victims. The aim is to deceive and...

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