Instagram to Roll Out Nude Blur Feature for Messages to Minors

Meta will soon launch a new safety feature that blurs nude images in Instagram messages to protect minors. By default, teenage Instagram users...


Messenger Update: Users Can Now Share High-Definition Photos

Meta announced that users can support high-quality photos and share albums with others in Messenger chats, among many other features added. However, sending...

Artificial Intelligence

Meta Introduces Labeling System for AI-Generated Content

Meta announced new measures regarding AI-generated content. Starting in May 2024, videos, audio, and images detected as AI-generated will have labels.  According to...

Softwares and Programs

Facebook Messenger Rolls Out End-to-End Encryption for All Users

Meta finally announced that Facebook and Messenger will have default end-to-end encryption for private messages and calls. End-to-end encryption will safeguard users’ chats,...

Latest UpdateSoftwares and Programs

Meta Offers Personalized ad-free Subscriptions for Facebook, Instagram

Meta launched a subscription service for Facebook and Instagram for users to remove personalized ads in the platform, thereby also being free from...

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