Cyber Security

Ahead of the Curve: Kaspersky’s Projections for 2024’s Advanced Threats Landscape

Kaspersky Global Research and Analyses Team (GReAT) experts offer insights and projections for 2024 in the Kaspersky Security Bulletin, focusing on the evolution...

Cyber Security

Over 340K Attacks w/ New Malicious WhatsApp Mod, reports Kaspersky

Kaspersky researchers recently uncovered a new malicious WhatsApp spy mod, now proliferating within another popular messenger, Telegram.  While the modification serves its intended...

Cyber Security

A Cascade of Compromise: Kaspersky Exposes Lazarus’ New Campaign Exploiting Legitimate Software

A new campaign by the infamous Lazarus group targeting organizations worldwide has been uncovered by Kaspersky’s Research and Analysis Team (GReAT). The research...

Cyber Security

Connecting the Dots: Kaspersky Reveals In-Depth Insights into Operation Triangulation

Kaspersky’s Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT) revealed their investigation process into Operation Triangulation at the Security Analyst Summit. Earlier this summer, cybersecurity...

Cyber SecuritySME

Top 4 Threats Facing SMBs in Southeast Asia― Kaspersky

During the year’s first half, Kaspersky foiled almost four-fold malware attacks targeting small and medium businesses (SMBs) in Southeast Asia (SEA). The global...

Cyber SecuritySME

Malware Disguised as Legit Business Software Spreads in PH SMBs― Kaspersky

Cybercriminals continue to target small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) as they spread malware disguised as business software.  In the first half of 2023,...

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