Smart Devices

CHERRY Karaoke Duet Medley: Experience Karaoke On-the-Go!

CHERRY Philippines released a new Pinoy-coded gadget for anyone who loves to sing anytime and anywhere: Karaoke Duet Medley! This new gadget is...

HealthSmart Home

Tech-Savvy Grilling: CHERRY Introduces Smokeless Easy BBQ Grill Deluxe

CHERRY Philippines released the latest electric BBQ grill for your ultimate barbecue gatherings! The Smokeless Easy BBQ Grill Deluxe is a high-tech grilling...

HealthSmart Devices

Keep a Pulse on Your Health: CHERRY Smart Blood Pressure Monitor Available in the Philippines!

CHERRY is stepping up the game in the health-tech industry with its latest Smart Blood Pressure Monitor release. This handy health gadget aims...

Smart Home

CHERRY Releases New Upgrade for Smart Pet Feeder!

The Philippine company known for its top-notch smartphones, CHERRY, has recently introduced an upgrade to its cool technology for our furry friends that...

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