‘Sad and Disappointed’ Manny Pacquaio Grapples with Unfulfilled Olympic Dream


Manny Pacquiao acknowledged that he won’t be accomplishing his Olympic dreams after being denied the chance to compete in the upcoming Olympic games in Paris.

The Olympic Committee said no to a 45-year-old boxer who wanted to participate in the Olympics. This is because the Committee has an age limit of 40 for boxers who can participate in the Olympics.

“While I am very saddened and disappointed, I understand and accept the age-limit rules,” said Pacquiao.

The Philippines requested a “universality place” for boxer Manny Pacquiao in the Olympics. This is usually given to athletes from smaller countries who have trouble qualifying for the Olympics through regular means. Pacquiao has never competed in the Olympics before.

The famous boxer said he would still support and cheer for Filipino athletes competing in the Olympics. He also told his fans he plans “to bring pride and honor to my country inside the boxing ring in the near future.”

His aide confirmed that he will fight a Thai kickboxer named Buakaw Banchamek in an exhibition match in Bangkok in April. The match will be played with international boxing rules.

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