Renowned Crypto Market Analyst Advocates for Enhanced Blockchain Education in the Philippines

Global Miranda Miner Group Coach and CEO Arlone Abello (source: Philippine Blockchain Week)

During the Philippine Blockchain Week‘s “Block Bytes: Blockchain 101 for Students” session organized by the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), Arlone Abello, a crypto market analyst, educator, and CEO of Global Miranda Miner Group (GMMG), emphasized that the Philippines should prioritize blockchain education as its regulatory framework is still in its early stages. Abello discussed the basics of blockchain with various universities.

During his presentation, Abello discussed the fundamental principles of blockchain and its five layers: Presentation, Consensus, Network, Data, and Hardware Infrastructure. This gave students a detailed explanation and a better understanding of the technology. Additionally, he addressed common misconceptions about blockchain, including the belief that it is a physical asset, exclusively used for cryptocurrency, limited to computer systems, operates like a traditional bank, or is tangible in nature.

Several universities, such as Mapua University, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, De La Salle University, Our Lady of Fatima University, University of Batangas, and AMA Computer Learning Center participated during the entire house session. Students could engage in interactive discussions, ask questions, and explore the practical applications of blockchain across various industries.

Miranda Miner with DICT team and students (source: Philippine Blockchain Week)

During the afternoon session, several speakers shared their insights. These included Marian Abegail Elinon, who serves as Partnership Director at; Christopher Star, co-founder of ATT3ND and Web3 PH; Rebecah Dausen, an Ecosystem Developer at XDC Network; and Atty. Nathan Marasigan, General Counsel of Yield Guild Games Pilipinas. Additionally, there was a panel discussion featuring Kristian Quirapas from Web3 Philippines, Jenna Ilao and Phee Tejada from YGG Pilipinas, and Joma Garcia from

Abello remains optimistic despite the bear market and foresees an increased interest in the practical applications of blockchain technology beyond just cryptocurrencies. Additionally, educational institutions seeking to include GMMG’s complimentary courses on blockchain and cryptocurrency in their programs can submit their inquiries via the official website at

“Misconceptions can hold us back from harnessing the true potential of blockchain technology. By dispelling myths and embracing accurate knowledge, we can unlock a world of possibilities of blockchain and drive innovation in various industries,” said Abello

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