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“Number Mo, Identity Mo:” Globe Launches Creative Campaign Promoting Online Safety via SIM Registration


Globe has kicked off a creative campaign that shows how registering your SIM card can keep you going all out in your online lifestyle without worry. It also helps remind others to register their SIMs before the deadline hits by July 25.

The “Number Mo, Identity Mo” campaign showcases the social media accounts of famous celebs Kuya Kim Atienza and Kiray Celis, both pretending to be “hacked” by talented stand-up comedians and improv artists.

It happened in a TikTok LIVE session, where impersonators offered obvious scams to viewers, effectively showing the potential dangers that await online.

Kiray’s impostor posed a more outgoing, beautiful, and flamboyant version of the comedienne, leading to a live selling event and a dramatic “face reveal.” At the same time, Kuya Kim’s impersonator hinted at the ongoing changes in a TV show. The ‘hacker’ even promises juicy behind-the-scenes secrets, lifestyle tips, and a surprise guest to spark interest and intrigue.

The real reason behind these acts was revealed two days after the live stream. Kuya Kim and Kiray uploaded a video claiming their accounts had been ‘hacked.’ Their key message: online identity theft is real, and everyone should take action to protect themselves, including registering a SIM.

With this campaign, Globe showed its dedication to promoting online safety, reminding everyone that the fight against online scams cannot be done by one person alone; it is everyone’s responsibility.

If you’re a user of Globe Prepaid, TM, and Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi, you can use the GlobeOne app and Globe’s SIM registration microsite ( anytime. You can also ask for help registering your SIMs at any Globe Store and EasyHub nationwide.

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