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Mastering Fatherhood: My New Year’s Resolutions Amidst Busy Life

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The new year comes with new or ongoing resolutions. But being swamped with being a provider for the family (no thanks to you, inflation!), it’s better to be realistic and set more reasonable goals. So, I only have three resolutions that I think every busy dad can relate to and aspire to achieve:

Have a Game Night with My Kids During the Weekends

This is my top priority, given that I don’t hang with them enough because life gets in the way: deadlines, meetings, chores, and other errands. And when I’m done with all that, I’m exhausted to give energy to my kids. That’s why I’m consciously trying to spend more quality time with them by setting one day just for them and them only. I’m thinking of something easy and fun to do without the mental load— and what better way to engage with my kids than by having a game night with them on weekends! I want to see how my kids get creative in Minecraft or get competitive against me on Mario Kart (I main Bowser). 

Prioritize to My Wife More

Amidst the hustle of family life, I’ve realized the need to refocus on the foundation of it all – my relationship with my wife. This year, I’m set on attending to her so much more. I want to show appreciation, actively support her, equally share responsibilities, and keep the spark alive. With how she has supported me throughout my life as a wife and mother to our kids, it’s only a given that I should put twice the effort in return. I’m thinking of having a romantic dinner whenever we’re both available on a given day and being more expressive in showing my affection. 

Taking Care of My Health One Step At a Time

As an extremely busy dad, I tend to neglect my own well-being, from skipping meals to stuffing myself with junk food as my comfort food. Sometimes, I don’t get enough sleep, and I rarely exercise. Not only does it add to stress, but it also ruins my health. So, part of my New Year’s resolution is to make conscious health decisions in my daily life. It may be by drinking more water, taking walks whenever possible, or eating healthier. If I get the hang of that, I’ll take a step further by taking a ten-minute exercise or getting a monthly doctor check-up. I want to be as proactive as possible since, as cliché as this sounds, I’m not getting any younger. I want to be healthy for my family, especially if God blessed to live longer. 

Of course, these resolutions are my personal, specific goals. It’s up to you to take inspiration from these and modify them according to your preferences and circumstances.

The point is to make realistic, meaningful, and beneficial resolutions for you. Resolutions that will help you grow, improve, and thrive as a dad and as a person.

Belated Happy New Year!

Written by
Soren Rivera

Coffee-fueled blogger with a penchant for tech and anything else that's fun under the sun. Still at bronze rank at changing diapers.

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