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INNOVANIA 2023: Unveiling the Future – A Blend of High-Tech Marvels and Eco-Responsibility

Step into the extraordinary world of INNOVANIA 2023, where cutting-edge technologies intertwine with sustainability-driven solutions orchestrated by the pioneers of innovation, Globe.


In a two-day spectacle of technological wonder and visionary brilliance, Globe’s grandest Technology and Innovations Day, INNOVANIA 2023, unfolds its remarkable journey. Powered by the Technology Strategy and Innovations team, this event captivates audiences with a mesmerizing array of demonstrations, presentations on emerging trends, engaging panel discussions with tech experts, and interactive sessions that leave everyone spellbound.

INNOVANIA 2023 is not just another tech expo – it’s an immersive experience. Students, professionals, engineers, and entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds converge to explore Globe’s groundbreaking 5G technologies, showcased through its 5G StandAlone network with dedicated Network Slice functions. Each slice offers a unique and enthralling experience.

Imagine stepping into a realm of virtuality, where Cloud Gaming takes you to alternate dimensions, and Video Surveillance and Analytics read gender, age, and even vehicle license plates. Unleash your creativity with Augmented Reality (AR) using Hololens 2 devices for remote assistance, education, and even Webex hologram applications. Dive deep into Virtual Reality (VR) through Oculus Quest 2 devices, experiencing multiplayer games and exploring real estate, health, and lifestyle in a metaspace of endless possibilities. And if that’s not enough, robotic marvels roam, performing tasks from deliveries to guiding guests with flair and charm.

This groundbreaking event was graced by the presence of Globe’s visionary leaders, including the Chief Technical Advisor and Head of Network Technical Group, Yoke Kong Seow, alongside esteemed company executives like Ernest Cu, President and CEO of Globe Group, Rebecca Eclipse, Chief Transformation and Operations Officer, and Joel Agustin, SVP Head of Network, Planning, and Engineering. They immersed themselves in the latest technologies, from private 5G networks to voice-over, new radio, and new antenna solutions.

Moreover, the INNOVANIA experience was elevated with the participation of key market players, including Huawei, Nokia, ZTE, and Fiberhome, who brought the exhilarating atmosphere of the Mobile World Congress Barcelona right to The Globe Tower, the headquarters located in Bonifacio Global City.

Beyond technology, the event fostered meaningful conversations about sustainability and carbon neutrality. Globe’s Director and Head of Technology Strategy and Innovations, Gerhard Tan, led a Sustainability Firechat alongside guests from Huawei, Nokia, and HCL. They delved into groundbreaking strategies for achieving Net Carbon Zero, such as clean energy solutions, efficient transportation, waste management techniques, and sustainable agriculture practices.

Tan emphasized Globe’s commitment to technology innovation with a purpose – addressing localized issues and driving sustainability initiatives to their core. His passion echoed through the halls, igniting inspiration among participants.

In the concluding moments, Renato Jiao, Chief Human Resource Officer at Globe, instilled the significance of continuous professional development, nurturing the future leaders of tomorrow. He envisioned a brighter, more impactful future for attendees and the millions of Filipinos who would benefit from Globe’s transformative products and services.

INNOVANIA 2023 illuminated the path toward a digital utopia, where technology bridges divide and pave the way for equal opportunities. It unveiled a world where innovation embraces responsibility, emphasizing the urgent need to invest in research, development, and conscientious technology deployment.

Globe’s legacy as an innovation trailblazer and steward of sustainability has been immortalized, promising a future where dreams meet reality, and innovation knows no bounds.

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