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From Screen Time to Screen Smarts: 5 Model Habits to Have to Raise Responsible Tech-savvy Kids


As dads, we are role models to our children. Not only do we influence our children through direct interactions, but also the way we conduct ourselves. We should set the right examples with them at home and in the real world. After all, “with great power comes great responsibility.”

Given how technologically advanced our world is now, the same level of responsibility applies to our digital lifestyle too. 

Raising kids to be responsible digital natives is our duty as fathers. What better way to do that than by making ourselves tech-savvy role models too? 

If we want our kids to be responsible for using their gadgets, we must also showcase that we are responsible for how we use ours.

So, here are some pointers!

Set Boundaries

So our kids can learn how to draw a line using their smartphones or tablets, we must show them that we’re setting digital boundaries too. Avoid using your devices during specific periods, such as meals or family time. This way, our children will learn how important it is to unplug and engage with the real world. 

Practice Digital Safety and Security

Going online is easily dangerous for anyone, especially your kids. That’s why we must practice protecting data and personal information. This means learning online security tips and guides ourselves so we can teach our children how to do the same. 

Promote Positive Online Interactions

Show respect and kindness in your own online interactions. By doing so, your children will understand that the principle of good behavior also applies online and offline.

Properly Manage Online Finances

If your children know how to shop online, demonstrating good financial habits teaches them to be financially responsible. Bonus plus if you advise them on how to compare prices, avoid impulsive buying, or recognize secure shopping platforms. 

Show There Are Consequences In Navigating Online

Sometimes we forget there are consequences to our actions online, no matter how trivial. That’s why when we make a mistake, such as falling for a phishing scam, we make it a teaching moment for our kids. Show your children that mistakes can happen, but they can also learn from them. 

You know what they say, “Show and not tell.” We are collectively responsible for raising the next generation to be proper individuals more than ever, especially in this tech-saturated world. 

Have good role model habits that you do before your children? Share it to us in the comments!

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Soren Rivera

Coffee-fueled blogger with a penchant for tech and anything else that's fun under the sun. Still at bronze rank at changing diapers.

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