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Final Grace Period for SIM Registration!


If you’re a Globe, TM, or Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi user who missed the SIM registration deadline on July 25, there’s still hope. But act fast! The clock is ticking on the five-day grace period from July 26 to 30, which offers a final chance to save your SIM from permanent deactivation.

While outgoing services and incoming calls are currently deactivated, you can still receive incoming SMS, allowing you to receive a One-Time Pin for registration. Ernest Cu, Globe Group President and CEO, stressed the significance of uninterrupted mobile and broadband services in customers’ daily lives and urged everyone to seize this opportunity.

To reactivate your SIM and restore complete mobile services, visit or use the GlobeOne app via WiFi. If you need assistance, walk into Globe Stores or EasyHubs.

Don’t let this opportunity slip away! Permanent deactivation means losing all services, including texts, calls, mobile data, and access to crucial mobile applications. Secure your mobile services now and register your SIM within the grace period. Your digital safety is at stake!

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