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Daddy’s Tech Talk: Why I Switch from Chrome to Opera GX


As someone using Google Chrome all my life, I couldn’t imagine switching to a different browser. I was stuck on the idea that switching to one would be another learning curve. And so far, I only have a few complaints about using Chrome, such as how it can eat my computer’s resources, like how my kids slurp a large cup of milk tea like it’s nothing.

But, one day, I stumbled across Opera GX. Its pretty interface quickly caught my eye and how it’s marketed as the “browser for gamers.” I went on to try it out with little expectations, only to be astounded at how many features I didn’t know I needed. So I want to share some of the handy features that made me switch to Opera GX.

GX Control

Opera GX Control

I said earlier that one of the few things I complain about in Google Chrome is how it eats a lot of my computer’s resources, right? GX Control allows me to restrict CPU and RAM usage– alongside network bandwidth too!

This is very useful when opening my browser while playing a heavy game. It helps unburden your computer from things running in the background without compromising performance.

App Integrations In Sidebar

Opera GX’s Sidebar Setup

I thought having a sidebar in a browser looked cluttered and unnecessary. I was wrong. Opera GX’s sidebar is like a magical inventory bag where you can put your much-needed apps and plug-ins in one place. With the sidebar, you don’t have to open several tabs in your browser or desktop apps!

Social apps ranging from Facebook Messenger to TikTok are accessible. It has a music player where you can play online music through either Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer. AI services like ChatGPT are available. Twitch? Absolutely there where you can see who is streaming right away. And if you want more extensions outside of Opera GX, like Chrome Web Store, Opera GX has its own!

Free VPN and Ad-blocker

Free VPN and Ad-blocker in Private Browser

This is not a drill. Opera GX offers on-the-house VPN and ad-blocker services. No more installations of third-party apps to navigate on the Internet worry-free. Switch on the features in the browser settings, and you’re good to go.

If you can cough up money to subscribe to a better VPN, Opera GX offers the VPN Pro with a 7-day free trial. The lowest you can get is around PHP220 monthly for one year.

Crypto Wallet

Opera GX Crypto Wallet

Cryptocurrency holders, anyone? Opera GX has a Web 3.0 wallet feature that houses various assets: Ethereum, Avalanche C-Chain, Bitcoin, BNB Smart Chain, Celo(2), Cronos, Fantom, FIO, MultiversX (Elrond), NEAR, Polygon, and Solana.

The native coin of these 12 crypto assets is available, though things like Buy&Sell, NFTs, and Tokens vary. So I use this mainly to monitor the crypto I have.

‘Fake My History’ (NEW)

Opera GX’s ‘Fake My History’ feature

If you’re like me, who sometimes dread the day your loved ones discover your favorite but embarrassing (sometimes questionable) websites after you pass away, this recently-launched tool cleared my worries. What ‘Fake My History’ does is it can automatically wipe your browser history clean after a certain period of inactivity. Then, the history will be auto-filled with a set of AI-generated links of wholesome or tame sites.

To activate this, go to the History icon from the browser’s sidebar, and click on the “Redeem My Soul” button, which will lead you to a pop-up. Tick on the “Pretend I’m already dead“ checkbox to get started.

Switching to Opera GX is like swapping my old motorcycle for a newer, sleeker one with more style and control.

But remember, what works for me might not work for everyone. So if you’re a dad looking for extra handy features your current browser couldn’t provide or if you’re looking for the ideal browser (or just curious, that works too!), you might want to give Opera GX a spin.

Happy browsing!

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Soren Rivera

Coffee-fueled blogger with a penchant for tech and anything else that's fun under the sun. Still at bronze rank at changing diapers.

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