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COA Suggests UP to Ban ePLDT Over Messed Up Multimillion-peso Project

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The Commission on Audit (COA) said the University of the Philippines (UP) should kick out ePLDT, Inc. for failing to complete a digital infrastructure project worth a whopping PHP134.6 million.

COA reported on July 13 that ePLDT, Inc. should face penalties from the UP System due to taking almost six years to get the important aspects of the eUP project up and running. The report was published on COA’s website.

The whole point of the eUP project was to connect and interoperate all the ICT systems in all the UP campuses together. This project was signed off back in 2012 and was supposed to be completed by 2017.

But ePLDT couldn’t deliver what they promised and agreed on, and now UP might have to pay around PHP40 million in damages.

In 2020, UP sent a final demand letter to the telco giant subsidiary, requesting the remittance of penalties due to the failed agreement. But until now, ePLDT hasn’t paid its due nor sent a response to the university.

COA concluded that the company should no longer be allowed from participating in any government projects if the banlisting goes through.

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