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CHERRY Releases New Upgrade for Smart Pet Feeder!


The Philippine company known for its top-notch smartphones, CHERRY, has recently introduced an upgrade to its cool technology for our furry friends that makes our lives easier.

Introducing CHERRY Smart Pet Feeder Plus, a smart device that feeds your pet for you, especially on busy and difficult days.

This handy device sets up your pet’s feeding times and even automates the process of serving up their meals regularly. You can remotely control the feeding times through its Smart WiFi app control, and can also support virtual assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant. In a power outage, it also has a built-in backup battery.

The smart pet feeder will also have a low food indicator for when the container is soon empty, which can contain up to 4 liters. And, of course, the power cord is chew-indestructible, so you wouldn’t worry about your pet getting an accidental electric shock.

Another nifty feature of CHERRY Smart Pet Feeder Plus is it also has an equipped 3MP camera with a 110-degree view and night vision. And to ensure your pet doesn’t feel too lonely or anxious, it also has two-way audio with echo cancellation, a voice recorder, and even a livestream feature!

This all-in-one purr-fection smart pet feeder retails for only PHP5,029. Get your hands on one through

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