Budgeting Brilliance: How to Ace Back-to-School Expenses with Ease

Master the art of smart spending and discover a hassle-free personal loan solution to tackle rising back-to-school costs confidently.


As the back-to-school season approaches, families face the daunting task of managing escalating educational expenses on top of everyday necessities. The financial burden becomes more challenging with educational institutions set to increase tuition and miscellaneous fees. In a country where the cost of higher education can reach up to P150,000 annually, many need help to afford quality education.

The accessibility of education remains a pressing concern, even though public schools and state universities do not charge tuition fees. Families must account for additional costs throughout the school year, including food, school uniforms, books, supplies, and transportation.

However, with thoughtful financial planning and creativity, parents and breadwinners can alleviate the strain and make the back-to-school experience more manageable. Here are five effective ways to stay on top of school-related expenses all year round:

  1. Declutter and Reuse: Conduct a thorough spring cleaning to discover unused school supplies from the previous year. Reuse or repurpose items like working pens, notebooks with blank pages, and even old books and uniforms. Selling the no longer needed items can also bring in some extra cash.
  2. Meal Planning: Plan a week’s meals and create a shopping list for your budget. This will prevent unnecessary expenses from food deliveries or eating out and eliminate the need for additional grocery store trips.
  3. Expense Tracking: Keep a record of your expenses using a spreadsheet, journal, or app. This will help you identify where to cut back on spending, allowing you to allocate more toward school expenses.
  4. Quality Over Quantity: While tempting to opt for the cheapest school items available, investing in quality products, especially for everyday use, proves more cost-effective in the long run. Durable school shoes and lunchboxes will save money on repairs or replacements.
  5. Flexible Loans: To address the challenge of multiple expenses, including tuition, school supplies, transportation, and extra-curricular activities, consider convenient personal loan products like GLoan from GCash. Borrow up to P125,000 with competitive interest rates and flexible payment terms.

GCash’s GLoan empowers parents to make back-to-school expenses more affordable, ensuring access to quality education for their children. You can confidently face the school year ahead with instant approval and funds directly deposited into your GCash wallet. Say goodbye to financial stress and embrace a bright educational future! Access GLoan on your GCash dashboard or download the GCash App today.

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