Bridging the Gap: Supporting Women in Male-Dominated Industries in the Philippines

(source: Aleksandra Sapozhnikova, Unsplash)

In a country like the Philippines, where tradition runs deep, and machismo often takes center stage, it’s time to break barriers and pave the way for gender equality in the workplace.

While industries like engineering, technology, and construction have long been dominated by men, it’s high time we recognized and supported the invaluable contributions of women in these fields (case in point, Canva Creator and CEO Melanie Perkins).

Encouraging Gender Diversity

Encouraging women to pursue careers in male-dominated industries requires a shift in thinking. It’s important to acknowledge and promote the successes of Filipino women who have overcome barriers and succeeded in fields typically dominated by men. By sharing their stories and accomplishments, we can inspire future generations of women to pursue their dreams confidently and without fear.

Empowering Through Mentorship

Mentorship is important to ensure everyone has an equal chance to succeed. Men who work in specific industries can help women by becoming mentors. This means they can give advice and support and help women find opportunities to do well in their jobs. When we work together and share what we know, we can create a culture where everyone can be successful.

Fostering Inclusivity in the Workplace

Creating an inclusive workplace culture is crucial for companies. They can implement policies that promote fairness and equality for all employees, regardless of gender or background. This includes ensuring equal pay, opportunities for growth and development, and creating a safe work environment.

When we celebrate diversity, we encourage innovation and embody the essence of Bayanihan, which is working together towards a common goal.

As we celebrate Women’s Day and beyond, let’s pledge to remove obstacles and encourage women in traditionally male-dominated fields. Together, we can create a future where people are hired based on their skills, not their gender, and every Filipino has the chance to succeed.

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Soren Rivera

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