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Being a DadHealth

National Bike-to-Work Day: 5 Incredible Benefits of Cycling to Work 

Just in time for National Bike-to-Work Day (declared just yesterday by President Marcos, mind you), it’s time to remind ourselves of the benefits of...

For the KidsGaming

Bonding Beyond Screens: Family-friendly Games to Play with Your Kids

Gaming has become a common way to bond between you and your children. But as a dad, finding the balance between age-appropriate and...

For the KidsHealth

Group Warns Baby Wipes Containing Toxic Preservatives

The EcoWaste Coalition, an advocate for a zero waste and toxics-free society, once again raised concerns over selling baby wipes containing banned chemicals...

Night LifeTravel

Manila City Hall Unveils New Pocket Garden for Public Enjoyment!

A modern pocket garden was opened to the public and lit up by Manila Mayor Honey Lacuna at Manila City Hall, near the...

Dad HacksFor the Kids

No to Hallowaste: Tips For Children to Have Fun on Halloween Waste-Free

It’s October, which means Halloween is on the way again, marked with sweet treats, spooky costumes, and fun parades.  For kids, wearing costumes...

Telco and Internet

Switching Gears to eSIM: The Good, the Bad, and the Game-Changing

Sliding SIM cards to your smartphone is a challenge, like poking a thread into the eye of a needle. Not only are those...

Dad HacksMobile Phones

No-Frills Tech: A Man’s Guide to Making the Most of Entry-Level Android Phones

Not everyone prefers flashy, high-end smartphones. Sometimes, we only need a reliable device to get things done without breaking the bank. And hey,...

Mobile Phones

Paid, Plan, Prosper: Who Would Benefit from Postpaid Smartphone Offers?

In a world that is constantly evolving, we juggle many roles daily with the help of our smartphones.  As we are all aware...

Being a DadHealth

Bonding During the Storm: Indoor Activities for Families Amidst a Typhoon

Typhoons are as much a part of our lives as family reunions and fiestas– though they’re more of unwelcome guests. After all, it...


The Right Mindset: Things to Keep in Mind Before Jumping to Crypto Investment

Considering a deep dive into cryptocurrency? It’s like pondering whether to upgrade to the latest gaming console or stick with the classic one....

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